“Study to show thyself approved unto God,
a workman that need not to be ashamed,
rightly dividing the word of truth. 1 Timothy 2:15 

Did you know that the Bible holds the secrets to successful living ?  Well its true. Everything you will ever encounter in life has already been addressed and its outcome illustrated or demonstrated through the life of a bible patriot.

The bible is filled with stories of people who think and feel about many of life’s dilemmas just as we do today. The characters in the bible are not highlighted because they got it right, but because thy are just as fragile, broken and confused as we are. Like us some made good choices while others made mistakes.  Like true human beings, from the greatest to the least of them, you will find they are just as flawed as people today. In fact the only real difference  between the people of the bible and people of today is that their lives, strengths and weaknesses are documented and made public.  Their lives were put on display or exposed so that you and I could learn from their experiences and poor choices.

THE WORDWithout even trying, you will surely see yourself in nearly every story. The people of the bible are only special in that they were chosen by God to demonstrate life with choices and the consequences or benefits of those choices. This was the plan of God, for others to be able to discern from their lives what would be best for the outcome of our own. That is the true purpose for the bible, to inform us of what happens to us when bad choices are made. Whether we know it or not. 

“Blessings or Consequences” meet us at the end of choices. 

The bible is informative in this way, it’s our life guide, a must need tool for successful living. The bible is “NOT” Life’s Rule-Book, but rather Life’s Tool-Book. Without it, we are destine for a hard life. That is why the scripture tells us to study The Word of God to show ourselves approved by God. Because when we act out of assumption to God’s approval or inconsiderate of God’s approval, we then set the stage for failure. To read the bible is to seek God’s perspective on the situation. How does God preceive this matter? When we can determine God’s approved approach to the situation, we secure a blessed outcome. How do we obtain God’s approval ? By knowing His perspective on the topic. How then do we know God’s perspective of a matter? By studying the WORD.

2 Timothy 2:15  is telling us that if we study the Word, we are better equipped to make right choices. When we know first hand what God approves or disapproves, and condition choices to God’s approval, we won’t have to worry about failure and shame, because when we study scripture to correctly understand (rightly divide) where God stands on the matter, we are able to make right choices. To study the Word is to invest in yourself. The more we come to understand God, we are more likely to apply the biblical tools needed for acceptable living. In doing so, the  total outcome of your life is successful, because  with those approved right choices automatically comes the blessings.



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